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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sweet Ramona

This weekend I met a new friend named Ramona. Up until Friday at around 3PM she lived inside my dear friend and co-worker Noelle, and now here she is in the big world. To visit Ramona, I had to have a security guard check my ID, because that's the sort of world we live in. I didn't mind a bit.

Babies are magic. All babies are magic, even when they're squalling and stinky. All babies are magic, whether they are born in the pretty labor and delivery section of Maine Medical Center or the squalor of Dhaka. When I held Ramona, I wondered how many other babies had come into the world that day and I wondered if they could possibly be loved as much as her mom and dad and brother and grandma and grandpa and cousins and aunties and uncles and I love Ramona. It doesn't seem possible but it probably is.

I also thought about what I would tell Ramona about the world. I know she's just a baby and can't understand English - one look into those sweet unfocused eyes was enough to show me that - but what if she could? What wisdom would I impart upon my young friend if I could?

Be Where Your Feet Are.


  1. Babies are so amazing! And you are so right! - Nature ensures humans all start off on essentially the same foot, but babies instantly become a product of their surroundings and many are not as fortunate as Ramona. I think your would be advice to her is such an important lesson, too. Being in the moment ensures we appreciate the love that is around us and don't spend life worrying about anything that is not in front of us.

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    2. What a beautiful new person! "Be where your feet are..." I like that! I would also tell her that there is nothing more important than love.